W.O.D… Nov 4, 2009

WOD for November 4, 2009




 Tycen Povey, 65 second "Grace".


Core WOD

8 Minute Tabata

BF Sit-ups

"V" ups





30 Clean & Jerks

M 135 W 95

* Post time to comments and compare to August 21st and/or May 29th


Gio pic 
Congrats to Danny Monzon and Coach Gio on their CrossFit Level One Certificate this past Halloween weekend.

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  • Hell Yeah BABY! Congrats Gio and Danny! You both have worked very hard for this and I am pleased to have the opportunity to have train with you both. Keep up the good work

  • …to train with you both*

  • Olga

    Congrats guys!! So proud of you!!

  • Brittney

    So many congrats to Gio and Danny!

  • John

    Guys that is a great accomplishment….CONGRATS
    now after watching that video I am embarrased to post my time and be proud that I beat my last time by 20 seconds…But damn I did it….5:34RX

  • Danny B.

    Congrats you guys, I eventually would like to get a cert too. Hey Dre, not to put any pressure, but I think you can beat this guy. Does anyone feel the same way?

  • oye pero wow!

  • Congratulations Gio & Danny! keep up the good work!
    Gio: my Danny is very proud of you 🙂



  • Jocelyn

    Congrats to Danny and Gio. * Well Deserved! *

  • Mike Osuna

    Dre wont even be the fastest out of all the coaches! YEA I SAID IT!!!

  • Mark Cruz

    Oly Class
    Max Push Press 185 lbs
    Bench: 2 rds @205, 1 rd @200, 2 rds @180 lbs
    Congrats to Gio & Danny!

  • MannyG

    just make sure you guys write down your times for grace. to bad im on shift, but ill be there tomorrow so show you guys how grace is really done!!!

  • WIWI

    Congrats to Monzon and Gio…. Now Danny can teach me how to do proper Air Squats…Lol
    3:46 RX Grace
    230 Max Bench…
    175 Max Push Press

  • Monzon

    Thank you everyone!
    Wiwi cuando quierras!! lol
    Grace 3:45 RX

  • Zhandra

    4:33 @ 65 lbs…!!!!! 20 lbs stronger since the last Grace! Thanks to all the coaches and G for screaming at me… GIO, I know you told me that it looked like I was doing them pretty easy, lets hope I can get 10 lbs stronger for the next Grace..

  • Zhandra

    Congrats to Danny and Gio!!!!!!! Kickin’ A$$… Dre can take that video guy any day…. Lets make a video and post it on Youtube so we can show how its done here in the MIA! and @ Iamcrossfit.com.. in HD, ask Wiwi to do you the favor! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    45lbs in 2:42, should’ve gone heavier.

  • Gio

    3:01 RX, 5 second improvement. Thank you to everyone for showing us love. I Love being a crossfitter and a coach! 🙂 Dre u kicked ass

  • Baby Osuna

    Corrected for bad form in 101…….Busted my chin during Grace……..4:59Rx (though first time doing Rx)
    I’d call this day “Improvement Necessary”
    On that Note: I think Dre may be reaching Chuck Norris Status in our Box. Congrats to Gio for your time & congrats to Dre for showing me how Grace is really done.
    As a teen, Chuck Norris impregnated every nun in a Tuscan convent… nine months later they gave birth to the 1972 Miami Dolphins who went undefeated.
    Thanks to the entire box for pushing me today!!!!!

  • Danny B.


  • Jessica Leiva-Rodriguez

    Gio and Danny Congrats! Gio you kicj ass on ur time and Dre your a monster!
    75lbs. 3:52 Dre i should have listen to you, should have gone heaviery but oh well next time! Eddie again thanks for the push this workout was AWESOME!

  • Antuanet

    If anyone can do it, it’s Dre!!!! Dre you rock! Thanks for pushing me every day.