W.O.D…. May 29, 2009

WOD for May 30, 2009





Henry with great technique!



Instead of explaining her, we'd rather show you.  This will only take 89 secs…

Eddie & I met this guy at Fili-Fest, he's not called "Big Mike" for nothing.

He posted his time for the world to see…I think he's trying you!

Core and Speed WOD Bonus!

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  • Wiwi

    I think this guys tecnique was a little off… not enough drive with his legs…. Is this all we are doing today Nick? Can’t we add some Burpes or Kettlebell swingsor something???
    I Keeeeeeeeeed….I Keeeeeeeeeeed

  • Mike

    Everybody’s a critic until they do it. No Wi, theres more in store. Put it this way we are gonna test speed over time.

  • Zhandra

    Dont mind him Mike, he’s lost it…

  • James

    I think Grace is sufficient Mike…let’s not get carried away…

  • Mike

    Great job Omar. Human Performance right, ten minutes off of Barbara, I’d say thats any improvement!
    2:09 Rx Grace today – new P.R. my last was 2:16… Human Performance.

  • My prayers go out to those that fell during today’s speed wod

  • Olga

    Fell??? um, sounds a little scary….

  • James

    3:38Rx but the part I’m most proud of is the fact I did not pull a hamstring during the speed WOD

  • Raul

    3:15 RX and 5 sec. away from punching Dre and Gilbert in the face. Thx though it got me thru the workout.

  • Marilyn

    3:10 @ 55lbs. Looking forward to next weeks festivites!

  • Leslie

    LMAO @ Wiwi, he gave you shit this morning about the workout and he pulled his hamstring. Wiwi don’t ask for more when you can’t handle it.

  • millie pico

    75 lbs 3:20, I think.
    Do +10 lbs next time.
    Fun workouts.

  • 2:31rx by myself … 4 1/2 months of doing crossfit “big mike,” im coming for you.

  • Alfred ( A-Train ) Sans

    1st WOD ever. Grace 135lbs. 14:19. It will be better next time. No Doubt.