W.O.D…. May 28, 2009

WOD for May 29, 2009




What is your dream?  What are you willing to sacrifice to capture it?




Five rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

Post total of all 5 rds including rest period to comments.

Compare your time to 03/19/09

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  • James

    The video was good until the 5:37 part. Then it became complete horse manure for a couple of seconds.

  • TICO

    Tico’s back! Feeling good and ready to take on that Barbara Ho!

  • Mike,
    Is this why you were laughing yesterday when I mentioned “Barbara”????
    She was already scheduled??? NICE!

  • Big Rick

    This week has been killer! I guess thats what we get after a LONG weekend. haha

  • Zhandra

    taking 5 advils so I can make it through todays squats… I need this workout today!!!!

  • 33:22 Rx

  • David

    Hello IACF family
    I loved the video. I don’t go a day with out checking the web page. I miss my time in the box. when I go on line I’ll be bringing some coworkers with me. Can’t wait to get back. Until then “dream on!”

  • James

    32:15Rx and my hands hate me for it.

  • Olga

    34:34 and yes barbara is still a bitch and very good at it! Dead is the word to describe my body!! Great wod!

  • Not Happy… Hit A wall After Round 3…
    38:xx Grrrrrrr….

  • Tico??? Tomate un advil compadre!!! LOL Big Ups Rip! The W.O.D.s this week have been BRUTAL!!! WE READY FOR FIRE AND ICE BABY!!!

  • Omar Barral

    I will never forget Barbara… She was a naughty girlfriend, and almost made me faint on her first WOD. 45:15 this time around still high but 10 minutes shorten than last one.
    Thanks for the encouragement fellows.

  • Good s**t Omar! SALVAJE!!!

  • millie

    at Ballys on Sun 5/31/09