W.O.D…. May 27, 2009

WOD for May 28, 2009





Omar fully locked out at ring push-ups.


FRAN: Mother of all WODs combining weight-training and gymnastic movements.

HELEN: A highly intense med-con & gymnastic WOD.

Lets see what happens when they meet.

Introducing, "FRELEN"

3 rds of 400 meter run then 

15 – 12 – 9

Thrusters M95# W65#

KB Swings M55# W35#

Pull – ups

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  • Omar Barral

    Dang I was going to post that I forgot my time cause this workout fried my brain to find a pic of that sexy bald guy. Who is he???

  • Mike

    He’s a warrior. That dude fights his ass off every WOD. How you train says alot about a man. We are lucky to have you in our box big guy.

  • Mike

    13:14 RX

  • Jenny C

    19:15 no rx
    Giselle is a bad ass!! She ran an extra 400 meters!!

  • James

    14:28 Rx and 1 twisted ankle.

  • I died a little today.

  • Alexandra

    I died alot today.

  • Zhandra

    Don’t recall the time.. This workout tested me like no other workout has… Thanks Gio for getting in my face and helping me get it done… I’m crippled today but I finished… and I dont think my time was too too bad..

  • 18:01

  • JORGE D.

    need to push it a little more next time