W.O.D…. July 9, 2009

WOD for July 10, 2009





Time for Battle

For time you'll perform:

25 Pull-ups

50 DL M135 W95

50 Push-ups

50 Box Jumps

50 Floor Wipers M45 W25

50 MB Clean & Jerks M20 W15

25 Pull-ups

Post time to "comments"

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  • DAM YOU, DAM YOU 300 WORKOUT! Finished it all the way through……22:xx
    For those who don’t know, YE BETTA ASK SOMEBODY!


    wow we are in for a treat today…. this one is gonna be fun.

  • Zhandra “Z”

    No running…. 🙂

  • Yay! Today’s workout sounds like fun!! I could barely move from yesterday’s workout, but I’m there today for sure!!

  • Will….according to Mike, a.k.a. skinny arms!!! All gonnna change soon Mike!!!

    Wow! Today’s WOD sounds like a killer.

  • Willy

    What the hell are Floor Wipers. You guys can clean your own gym! you just figure with all the people you got now, we gotta clean & wipe the floor for you too. LOL

  • Rah G

    wow i just by seeing the picture i knew it was gonna be sumthing crazy lol

  • Here is the video of the workout:

  • “300”
    Tim: 21:14 @ 115 DL, pull-ups and floor wipers not Rx, thx Dre for your help on my form.
    Ray: 22:22 @ 35 DL

  • wiwi

    I know Guille ain’t showing up for this one…

  • Manny G

    16:42 rx

  • Monzon

    19.16 RX 300 was great!

  • Will Becerra

    22:43…Dam you John, 20secs catch you next time!!!

  • Stout Program today!!
    19:22 Rx REST DAY Tommorrow!!!

  • Gio

    Dined in hell…pretty good
    19:50 rx

  • Triple J

    18:15 Rx Manny your lucky there was no running involved 😉

  • WIWI a.k.a. Yes Guille is my Bitch

    21:55 got 30 RX pullups in… getting there…getting there… Maybe I show up tomorrow and make it 5 in a row… if not see you Saturday

  • 28:40 (115lbs. DL)

  • Zhandra “Z”

    28:05- RX Deadlift… Killer workout and the Med Ball Burpees are actually easier than they look. It’s all mental… all mental..

  • Zhandra “Z”

    I actually Rx’ed on all the weights on this workout.. MBB I started with the 10lbs ball and I wasnt feeling it, I switched to the 15lbs and it felt right..

  • Mike

    Zhandra, they are not easy, you’re just a badass. I saw Marcel do Muscle-ups with ease yesterday. He inspired me to get my first ever. Thx Zpule. 5:30 class thanks for letting me jump in. I train twice as hard with you guys then when I train alone at 10:30pm.

  • Zhandra “Z”

    Are Muscle ups that Wood Panel on the wall with the holes?… I had never seen that done before until I saw Marcel climbing them.. so cool…

  • joseph

    16.20 i didnt get rx because of pull ups.. but great workout

  • Gissell

    28:26 =) Thanks Marcel!