W.O.D…. July 7, 2009

WOD for July 8, 2009





 Dre's mental WOD.  Post Dre's thoughts in this photo to "comments".


25 – 20 – 15 - 20 – 25

MB Push ups

KB Swings M55 W35

Post time


AMRAP in 8 mins of

8 Box Jumps

8 Push Press M95 W65

Post rds

Post Time / Post Rounds to "comments"

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  • Guille aka “Wiwi’s Worst Nightmare”

    Looks like the “ICE CREAM” had no coffee this morning…..Where you at Gelato?

  • Zhandra “Z”

    Going to try to make it to this WOD, Im feeling a little better, head is a little clear and there is no running…. Hopefully I can control my breathing enough so that I dont pass out since I cant breathe through my nose….

  • Awesome WOD this AM….THX Montee!

  • 9.42/6 rounds

  • Awesome WOD this AM!! Thanks Monty and company!!
    8:52/6 rounds

  • Leslie Valdes Garcia

    Andre is thinking….. “Nick look at all the people I have to deal with, I need a raise!!!!!”

  • Dre “Who put this thing together!?” Enriquez
    Tim: 8:47 / 7 rds. @ 75 lbs.
    Ray: 10:04 / 4 rds. @ 35 lbs.

  • Leslie Valdes Garcia

    Dre is Thinking – ” Donde estas La Biblioteca, Maria? ”

  • James

    Dre is thinking…’What do you mean I write like a girl?”

  • Dre is thinking… I feel bad for whoever is standing behind me right now!!!!

  • Omar Barral

    6 rds/14:43 RX.

  • Gissell


  • 10RX/15:45 gassed out hard in the second WOD

  • JORGE D.

    11:42 / 6 rds rx….. damn kettle balls killed me…

  • WIWI a.k.a. Yes Guille is my Bitch

    9:05/7 rds RX… that means no girl pushups…sleeveless fat guy

  • Will….according to Mike, a.k.a. skinny arms!!! All gonnna change soon Mike!!!

    Second workout with the crossfit family, and they seem to keep getting harder. Gotta love it!!!
    Great WOD yesterday, or should I say WOD’s.
    15:25/6rds @ 65lbs….Slowly but surely I’ll get to RX it!!!

  • James

    10rds/11:07 both RX… damn you kettlebell!!!

  • Zhandra “Z”

    7 Rds/12:xx… and I finished the workout, sick boogers and all… Woke up with a clear head this morning…. 🙂

  • orlando

    9:30 rx/ 8 rounds