W.O.D…. July 17, 2009

WOD for July 18, 2009





Anthony what did that ball ever do to you?


Pushing "Annie"

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 -10

Lateral Hurdle Hops (back and over is one)

Abmat Sit – ups

Push – ups


* Please bring in photos and create FGB4 page.

I need to verify how many of you check the website, being that not all of you blog or even know how to Im not sure how many of you get the events posted.  So please over the next couple of days count off so i know who and how many are logging in.  For those of you that don't know how to blog, take your cursor and move it over the comments tab right below this.  Your cursor will turn into a hand, click.  WALLA, blog. Now scroll down to the bottom, (edit: you will also see a button that says next, #26 was logged hours ago) you'll see a blank box.  Type whatever number falls on you (example of a number: 46).  Now type your name and email.  Then click Post…Walla! You are now a blogger!

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  • Cecilia

    1- YESSS!!! #1 Babeeeeeee 🙂 Where you at Mike? 😛

  • jen dolan

    #2–damn too slow 🙂 lol… have a good weekend of WODs everybody–maybe i’ll try to rock a travel WOD here in PA…hasta lunes 🙂

  • Julius aka Big Rick

    #3 …… I’ll be there at 6:45 today

  • DJ

    #4- Checking in.

  • #5
    Thought everyone would enjoy this video for the weekend.. especially the beer drinkers..TGIF..enjoy

  • Olga

    #6 see ya at 645 tonight!!!

  • Rafael Hueso Jr.

    Hueso checking in as I do every single day ! I am so glad that I started CrossFit. We have a great thing going on at our box !! Annie your a dirty whore !!

  • Rafael Hueso Jr.

    # 7 Hueso checking our page as I do every morning ! We have a great thing going on at our box ! I am so glad I started CrossFit and have had the honor and the privelage to meet all of you ! But on a lighter note, Annie is a dirty whore !!

  • Laura Pena

    # 8 Laura checking the page part of my morning routine! Now back to work!

  • #9 Hey Mikey,
    It’s Jessica checking in!! Thanks for the daily torture!

  • Manny G

    #10 Still sore from tuesday’s “SQUATS”

  • # 10 Numero dies. Teng meng. One before undici. Voila! There you go.
    On a serious note, GREAT JOB to all the “EARLY BIRDS”!!! You guys ROCK!!! Excellent job this week. Especially today boy!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO Where you at JAMES??? THAT CAFFEINE JUST KICKED IN BABY!! I HEARD YOU’RE BACK! WHERE YOU AT???

  • Conny

    #11-Morning. Can’t wait to get back to the WOD’s again. C-you tonite!!

  • Lucia

    #13 Hi & Checking in-
    Thanks for all your hard work Mike, Nick & Eddie.

  • Ani ledon

    #14 nice workout mike! I know y u asked me if I was “woding” today:) “annie” is definitely a Bi$?h!!!!!! 🙂

  • #14-Goooood Morning! Mike, this is always either the first website I check in the morning or the second, after E-mails and Bank Account!!!!
    Thank you AROD for pumping us up this AM!
    I love Crossfit!! Thank you guys for making this a place of torture, but an exciting, fulfilling and most importantly motivating place to come to!! I can’t imagine not ever doing this!!!!! 🙂
    You guys rock 🙂 Thank you!!!

  • James

    #16..thanks for the tutorial on blogging Mike, I had no idea how to post comments… HEY SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM SINCE YOU ASKED IM IN THE AFTERNOON WOD’S…FEEL FREE TO STOP BY AND TAKE NOTES ON HOW IT’S DONE…

  • #16 Every Morning before going to the 630am class or around this time on Fridays which is my rest day…Back in the box tomorrow…..
    Thx to the am Crew Montee and AROD for always making awesome to workout in the mornings. Its like my am COFFEE!

  • Martha

    #17 LOL I trip out every morning reading everyones comments. See you guys later! 🙂

  • Omar Luna

    #18…..On my day off checking the WOD to see what I am missing. A definite crossfit enfermo!!!
    Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!!!

  • Nick R.

    #19 Nick checking in

  • Kurt


  • #20 I still check the site every day and can’t wait to get back in the box! In the mean time towers and burpees in bunker gear will have to do!

  • Tania Sabatier

    #21 Good Morning! Checking in and sorry I won’t be there today! Looks like an awesome workout! Have a great weekend and see you Monday! Thank you for making every single workout something to look forward to (in a torturous kind of way) (-;! I’m HOOKED!!

  • #24 and #25 This should correct the count.

  • Zhandra “Z”

    #26- “Z” to the “ee” checking in. I just want to say “Thanks” to all the IACF team, Nick, Mike,Ed,Dre,Gio, Arod, Montee.. If it wasn’t for you, my armpits wouldn’t be sore today! 🙂 I love the Box!

  • # 26

  • #26 See you all on Monday. Have a great weekend!

  • Marilyn

    JINX!!!!! Lol
    #29: My legs are on fire from most of this weeks leg workout and i did a mini WOD at the movies last night watching HANGOVER, thanks to that my abs are out of control sore!!!
    See you guys tonight.

  • millie

    #30 That’s how many times I am going to be cursing “Karen” today getting in and out of my truck! Ouch!
    WOD for the day, changing out Engines. Sucks!
    See you guys tomorrow morning after work and probably after 4 or 5 after midnight.

  • Guille aka “Wiwi’s Worst Nightmare”

    26 even on vacation

  • DanielsoN


  • Christy

    #31. Checking in like I always do. =)
    Thanks to all the IACF Trainers!
    I am hooked on Crossfit!!! Love every WOD!
    …. even the torturous ones. =)

  • Jenny G.


  • Ed del Campo

    #26 Ed (el viejo) checking in. Se you tonight

  • Sebas

    #26 SEBAS !!!!

  • mel

    #37 I think… Thanks to all the IACF trainers! Just checking the blog @ work… have a great weekend everyone!

  • Triple J

    #38 Triple J

  • Amarys

    #26 Good Morning! I’ll see you at 6:45pm!

  • NICK

    Damn,#26 in my own box. You guys are getting faster by the day. On a side note as soon as everyone signs up on the direct billing program the sooner I can go outside and play. I’m tired of looing at you guys through a glass a feel like a goldfish in a bowl.

  • Gio

    #40 ?
    I can’t go to sleep w/o knowing the wod the next day lol and I can’t make it today but I will be there 2mm so make it a “fun” wod lol

  • Julius aka Big Rick

    Either Everyone loves #26 or people can’t count. Lol I already numbered myself but just wanted to stop by and join everyone else in saying thank to all of our IACF trainers. You guys push me to a level that I never thought I could get to. You guys got a great thing going here and happy to see our family is growing by the day! Thanks guys (and gio of course lol)!!

  • L-boggie

    #26 Hola fellow crossfitters! see you later on tonight!

  • Angelica a/k/a “T”


  • Gissell H.

    #42…What’s going on with the 26…lol…
    See you guys at 6:45
    IACF ROCKS >D !!!!!

  • #43…LO checking in – iamcrossfit.com is on my favs tab :). Thank you coaches for keeping us updated through this blog. See all the 6:45ers later, ciao!

  • Monzon

    #44…. and counting!! See you guys at the box…

  • claudia


  • Lucas Michael Thor Osuna

    #46 dad’s old football number , have fun this weekend, pops!

  • Danny B

    #26 But I was number 1 on the board when I left at 5pm yesterday. Did any of you guys bring it after I left or what?!!


  • Danny B

    #47 I see whats going on with 26, people are not hitting the next button on the bottom of the previous page. I missed it, oops. Mike’s fault he didn’t tell us to do it on the instructions.

  • Julius aka Big Rick

    lmao damn!! no wonder everyone was putting #26. Mike you need to add onto your instructions or have a blogging 101 class M-F at 8:15pm lol.

  • Cheech–AKA Potaje

    How do you tnink I get by a fulls days worth of work….

  • Cheech–AKA Potaje

    #48…I should read the instructions next time..

  • Pushing “Annie”
    Tim: 19:58 Rx – My first Rx but I feel like I need to complete a WOD Rx with weights before I can buy myself and honorably wear an I Am…CrossFit t-shirt.
    Ray: 19:30 – Yes, she says she beat me, she beat Martha from 9:30 and she was even doing extra hurdles afterwards just to show off… Very snobby. 🙂
    You go baby girl!

  • luis guell

    #55 luis checking in. now i need to comeback to work

  • Orlando: aka Ronnie Coleman

    11:23 RX today

  • Danielle

    #27 always looking foward to the WOD’s hooked on crossfit !

  • #26
    Ok so I can barely move! I will be there today because I don’t want any kittens dying!

  • Ok so I guess I’m #56 I didn’t know there was a second page but I’m still not sure if that is right..LOL

  • Mark Cruz

    #57Mark Cruz A big thanks to Dre and the whole 12:30 class for your support and patience with me. What a great family!!

  • 23:00 Rx
    Was Rocky apart of CrossFit? You be the judge…
    Here’s what I saw:
    Double Unders
    Sit Ups
    Wall Ball Slams
    Wall Ball Throws
    Power Clean
    Push Press
    and more…
    Hopefully this motivates all of you as it did for me to keep fighting.

  • #58 Robert 9:30 Class. Dre, bad news i will be out for a while with a TORN HAMSTRING.

  • Gian

    Wasn’t able to make it today due to school, but I AM CROSSFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • damn robert get better buddy u will be missed … ice it as much as you can with minimum an hr. rest inbetween and dont stretch it at all… the black and blue bruises was a good sign drink a lot of water … good exercise to strengthen it is sit on a chair with wheels on them and with your feet pedal yourself around.

  • Gissell

    …26:52…lol…one more 26 for the list…=P

  • #59…but I think that count is off, people were not checking next page…
    Thanks to IACF, although I am pretty new at the box I feel like I am at home. Mike, Nick, ARod, Montee and Andre thanks for the motivation, you guys are great.

  • Nancy Bargueiras

    Hi Mike…Just checking in. Even though I am in Pembroke Pines I am still going to try and come to the WOD’s. You guys are Great!!! I am addicted. I love the “HOUSE OF PAIN”.
    See ya!
    Nancy Bargueiras

  • Thanks for the info Dre, i will keep you posted have to get an mri done this week to see how how bad it is. robert

  • JCR

    JC R here, I read the site.