W.O.D…. July 14, 2009

WOD for July 15, 2009




Danny Monzon is a perfect example of what CrossFit and a proper Paleo diet can accomplish.  He was only able to complete one round of his first 101 class.  He was out of shape but determined.  He has come a long way on his journey to Elite Fitness but this is no where near the end of his story.  Danny's drive will enable him to accomplish anything he marks as a target.  Dan, thank you for helping other athletes with anything from diet to kips. We are proud to be your trainers and happy that you are a part of the IACF family.

Danny monzon 

Core WOD

3 rds of 20:

Butterfly Situps, Supermans


21 – 15 – 9 of

Back Squat M225 W155

Ring Dips (scale down with box dips)

Rotation MB throws (L + R = one)

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Ladies, if it doesn't hurt then its not worth it…Read!


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  • Zhandra “Z”

    Danny!!!!!! Im glad the IACF team shouted you out. You deserve it! Thank you for all the tips, advise and recipes.. LOL… and now where is my unmelted protein bar!!?!??!?

  • Ani Ledon

    I agree with Z….Danny u deserve all the shout outs given! Ur one of the hardest working
    “crossfitters” I know! Thanks for helping me out yesterday with my kipping! Yea and where is my homemade protein bar???? LOVE YOU FRIEND:)

  • So yesterday i was confronted with that beast, that monster, that once again obstacle i dread for: “the unknown and unknowable.” I had just finished doing groceries at Winn-Dixie (totally recommend it than going to publix guys por que la ultima vez me clavaron) and as im paying at the register im thinking to myself how the hell am i going to get all these bags (about twelve of them) up to the apartment.
    As i park my car, open up the trunk, i grab my gym bag plus ten more grocery bags into my hands clinging to my fingers. Becky had two, whoopee. i race to the front door crossing the street, making sure i got my rythm going with my breathing, find a way to open the first door with a censor button, get inside and hit the elevator button with my forehead accidentally hitting the down button when i have to clearly go up, get in the elevator, go up three flights still holding onto the bag, elevator door opens i walk as quickly as possible to my door, starting to scream inside with agony cause my fingers are about to rip off and finally make it to the entrance without dropping or tearing a bag baby. Some may ask oh why didnt you just rest the bags down, nope did not want to lose time and just wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. Big ups to crossfit for preparing me for situations like that!!!
    P.S. You da man MONZON

  • WIWI

    Yeah… but did you make your own home made Protein Bar??? Then you ain’t shit yet!!! Way to go Danny…Next up: operation flab – reduction…

  • WIWI

    By the way… my Back is stiff as a board and I can’t sleep more than 4 hrs straight because of the pain… gonna make today my rest day… and its killing me … what do I do?
    a: Ignore the pain
    b: Take the much needed and advised rest day
    c: Go to the Chiro, get a massage
    d: Kick the shit out of today’s W.O.D.

  • Marilyn

    Danny you’re absolutely amazing! You inspire me πŸ™‚ !!
    And Andre, its funny because Ive been in the same situation and once I rest the bags in the apartment, Im like WOW that was definitely CrossFit!!!!

  • Conny

    Yup. I can def relate to the groceries story. Except I think I lost feeling in my fingers. And I agree, Its crossfit all the way. My goal is to be able to carry more bags at once next time. =} Thanks guys

  • Mike

    Dre although amuzing I will never get those 30 secs of my life back. You’re a CrossFitter, so next time I want you to give Becks all the bags overhead squat her and climb the stairs, kick the door down and scream TIME!!! That goes for the rest of you.
    Danny get them off you with the protein bars. I thought it was awesome… a lil odd looking but still nutritious.
    Wiwi, def rest. And next time you come in grab one of the coaches to make sure your teach is ok.

  • Cecilia

    Danny… what else can I say that hasn’t been said already? You’re a bad-ass and as much as admire your dedication to exercising, I admire your discipline with clean eating ever more. I love to exercise myself but eating as clean as you do… damn… (I just stood up from my chair and bowed to you). Keep it up… you’re a true inspiration πŸ™‚

  • ferdi

    What the hell is a superman???

  • Will Becerra

    Mike…That was too funny!!! Great job Danny, your a beast!!!

  • Danny!!!
    Eres un CABALLO!!! See you later, fellow 5:30er…
    By the way, everyone… The MONZON BARS are the bomb!

  • Monzon

    God I remember that first 101 WOD! It feels like a long time ago. Mike, Nick, Andre, Eddie, Gio THANK YOU for all your support and assistance! Andre and Eddie keep shouting in my ear I really appreciate every shout..lol Ceci, Z, Wiwi(I will beat you next time LOl), Marilyn, Ani thanks for the kind words they mean a lot.. To the rest of the IACF family thanks for always pushing me and each other to do better and better everyday!
    The bars are a work in progress.. Coming Soon.

  • Still benching more than I squat so today’s WOD was a good start at correcting this.
    Tim: 10:37 @ 135 lb back squat 10-5-9, dropped to 85 to complete first 2 rds.
    Ray: 11:22 @ 65

  • wiwi

    Sorry Mike I picked D:Kick the shit out of today’s W.O.D.- The chiropractor was closed… I hope i don’t regret it…

  • Hell of a WOD today…Thanks Dre for pushing me and making feel confident on my squats….
    Monzon havent met you yet, but congrats and keep it up…I can honestly say i know your battle and struggles….For those who know me, know what i mean….its not easy, but if it was everyone would do it…thats why only a few can really crossfit!

  • TICO

    I finished todays WOD in 4hrs and 10 mins. It consisted of a WU WOD of Cafe Patron(2 rounds). Then we proceeded to do 15 rounds of jungle juice and Beer(light of course). What a WOD! I will introduce it to u guys next week. Crossfit Sarasota. What a box!

  • Omar Barral

    Damn, reading these post is a trip, it’s the highlight of my day. Que vida la mia.
    I’ll choose Tico’s WOD over Mike’s any time. Danny, La Bestia!!! No me dejaste probar tu famoso Protein Bar. Not even the melting one. Anyhow love you guys.
    Todays WOD
    15:31 Rx (yes RX, rings w/out the box)
    But I got a crap now from opening a can of cat food. Go figure.

  • 15:31 (135lbs. Box dips)

  • Will Becerra

    11:45 (95lbs. Box dips) Still working on builing my strength…6th work out and counting, can’t wait to see how I do after 2 moths or so!!!

  • Zhandra “Z”

    11:05- Box Dips/55 & 45lbs bars…. Such a weakling… I did horrible today, I should be able to squat more, Go figure!

    First, of all we had 42 grocery bags bc ” SHREK” (andre) eats about 62 pds of food a day, so 99.9% of the food we were carrying was his!!! Second, I carried 2 very heavy bags along with my purse, the house keys, laundry detergent, and a bottle of bleach! I was the one who pressed the floor button, and I am the one who opened the front door! Ohhh and Andre left all the groceries outside in the hall way bc he had to “run in to pee” so thats my version of THE GROCERY WOD! I def held my own. Mike, thank you for your support! I truely feel for J if thats how the Grocery WOD works in your home..I will pray for her πŸ™‚

  • Oh almost forgot.. DANNY YOUR THE MAN!!!! You are an inspiration to all that know you including myself..Keep up the good work! Looking forward to tasting those protein bars..xoxo

  • Olga

    Haha love reading all the posts!!! Danny I love your positive attitude, dedication and kindness!! Ain’t many like u out there!! I am blessed to have u as a friend and inspiration! Keep it up! Dre thsnks for the encouragement, don’t remember my time but thanks for keeping me hype!!! Love the grocery wod!!!

  • Gissell

    12:08 =)
    Becky I like your version of the story better. GROCERY WODs suck!!! =P