W.O.D…. July 10, 2009

WOD for July 11, 2009





DJ's trying to break our floor.

Today's WOD will be a tag team.

You and your partner will alternate between a Core WOD and a Metcon/Gymnastic/Power WOD.

Please go to www.fgb4.org and set up your page.

Also please bring in a dedicated photo of who you will be fighting for and post it to our wall.  It can be someone that has lost, is currently battling or beat cancer.  A friend or family member that is an active or non-active solider.  If you are lucky enough to not know any of the above then bring a photo of the flag, bald eagle, Twin Towers, etc and state what you fight for.  You don't have to support the war to support our troops.

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  • Julius aka Big Rick

    Wish I could have been there yesterday for the Crossfit 300, but I’m on vacation. No worries, I’m not slacking. Here was yesterdays workout:
    Marco Island beach W.O.D
    60ft sand sprints
    20 Squats
    10 push ups
    *10 minutes count rounds*
    Julius = 8 rounds
    Jenny G = 7 rounds


    way to go julius got to stay focused vacation from work dont mean vacations from the box..

  • Will Becerra

    Thats freaking awesome!!! I love that mentality!!!

  • Team Tim & Ray: 29:55
    Thx to everyone at 6:45 on a Friday evening who made it a great WOD.

  • Omar Barral

    Team Eric & Omar 34:19 RX