W.O.D…. April 27, 2009

WOD for April 28, 2009





Happy B-Day to our bootcamper and soon-to-be CrossFitter Becky aka Big Dre's girl, so careful boys.


"Becky's BDay Bonanza"

20 yards of One Arm Walking Lunges

M35#  W17#


6 – 9 – 12 – 15 – 18 – 21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9 – 6

Butterfly Sit-ups

Knees to Elbows

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  • Leslie

    Happy Birthday Becky! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  • Gio

    Becky, Hope you have a great Bday! Yesterday was goodtimes 🙂

  • claudia

    happy bday becky! have a super day! 🙂

  • Mel

    love the pic girl, have a happy birthday! i think u should do todays crossfit wod!

  • OMG ANDRE YOU ARE SOOOOOOO DEAD!!!! IM PRETTY SURE MIKE AND EDDIE ARE IN ON THIS TO SO BE READYYYY!! Thanks for the love guys.. I really do appreciate it..But honestly, that pic is so not cool! It’s ok because im pretty sure both Dre and Eddie have bdays right around the corner and God knows I have some good ones on Dre..Cant wait!!! But thanks again for the bday withes..I love you guys all and im happy to be part of the crossfit fam 🙂 xoxo
    P.S. Who’s down to celebrate at the grill tomorrow night??? Geo, I know your in 😉

  • Monica

    I love the picture!!! I am so glad that I am not responsible for it (even though I was initially blamed). Happy Birthday Becky!!!
    P.S. Let me know about tomorrow night!

  • OG

    Happy bday Becky! I’m super sick and lost my voice so no Xfit for me today I am so upset that i can’t workout. Enjoy your bday and I will try to stop by the grill tomorrow!

  • Eddie Artze

    Happy Bday Becky, Have a great time at the game tonight. We will definelty celebrate tomorrow at the Grill.

  • Happy Birthday Becky!
    Enjoy your day .. while we enjoy our WOD 🙂 !!

  • 19:09… every rep, every round counted! You’re only cheating yourselves. No need to call out names either. You guys know who you are. Don’t pay a membership fee to come in and cheat yourselves. For that you stay home and stay out of our box!

  • Cristy

    Happy B-day Becky!!!!


    36:06…. hands are on fire and I thought I was going to F’ing puke on the 2nd round… Ready for tomorrow.. Bring it, I’m only going to get better and hopefully faster. 🙂

  • Sean Barrios

    ..as Mike yells out my name to Eddie (Thanks Mike I couldn’t even breathe), Eddie yells back a time that was completely unintelligable to me, as my brain stopped working by now. It was either 25:06 or 26;05 could not do Rx but happy to finish. This is the start of week 2 of WOD’s, call me a masochist but I love the abuse. By the way is there a special CF support group to help with shaving and showering when you can’t move in the morning?? LOL, just thought I’d ask.

  • Luis


  • Armandito

    First off happy b-day Becky, hope you had a good day…
    Now to the WOD, wow what a deceiving workout. When I checked out the WOD today I def thought it was going to be an easier, or quick workout at Crossfit. I mean lunges, butterfly situps, and knees to elbows, how hard could that be? Real hard that’s how hard… There was a time where my mind was telling my knees to hit my elbows and my knees said “you’re crazy” LOL anyway great workout!!! Crossfit once again you’ve kicked my butt, I’ll get you mañana!!!!!
    19:35 (w/o the Barry Bonds * ) LOL

  • Patty

    You know really it’s bad when you want to post your time and you can’t remember it! I finally reached that hypoxic state you’re always talking about Mike…Eddie thanks for reminding me about bikini season, it was just the motivation that I needed to finish! I’m considering skipping class to go to Crossfit today ha ha just kidding!!

  • Yeah seriously Eddie, thanks for reminding me of that “Baby Fat”!! .. 25:58

  • James

    Eddie has a way with woman!