W.O.D…. April 24, 2009

WOD for April 25, 2009





Rudy showing those pearly whites in his typical post-WOD position. 

True CrossFitter!



Thrusters  M115#  W75#

One Ring Australian Pull-ups

10 – Sprint 50 meters – 1

9 – Sprint 50 meters – 2

8 – Sprint 50 meters – 3


1 – Sprint 50 meters – 10

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  • Yadi

    Mike you are killing me with the Pull Ups AGAIN!!!!!

  • Ani Ledon

    15:07…Great workout!! Dre UR A SUPERSTAR trainer!! thanks again for a great workout. U managed to do the workout and train marianne and I at the same time! Good job!

  • Mike

    Yadi, I’m making you a fitter, leaner all around athlete. Don’t hate em, embrace em. Theres gonna be ALOT of pull-ups in your future. Remember, CrossFit takes you out of your “Comfort Zone” to elicit total fitness. You’ll thank CF for one day.

  • 13:43…thrusters are a tough sonamambich! Had to scale down, but still kept up the intensity. Great WOD today! Mike, you are the most SUPERSTAR trainer of them all! I don’t care what Ani or anyone says about Dre. Don’t let all these Dre ass kissers bother you. YOU are the man! lol

  • Mike

    Thanks A.T. I knew you had my back. 13:01Rx.

  • James

    what’s going on here no love for Eddie?that dude breaks his thumb training us! Eddie don’t let these Mike and Dre suck ups get to you. Finish your thumb rehab and let them know what’s up!! You da man! BTW 17:05Rx

  • Marilyn

    Dre & Nick, you guys were awesome today!! If it wouldn’t of been for you guys, I would’ve def. gaven up anywhere else on the planet :X