W.O.D…. April 23, 2009

WOD for April 24, 2009




"It Takes Two"

Teams of two will compete to get AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of:

KB Swings M55#  W20#

Bench Press M95#  W65#

Tire Flips

In 3 rds of four minutes, with one minute rest in between.


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  • just wanted to say thanks to everyone here helping, working, and training with all of you athletes its a blast. thank you for all the shout outs too.
    Yesterdays Notes: hell of a job by carlos in finishin the w.o.d never did he once think about quitting he just went harder every time. it even brought a tear to leslies eyes haha. Ani on giving me the middle finger in the middle of a box jump. Marianne for screamin at me towards the end of the 800 meter. and congrats to peter for doing the first 1200 meter run in crossfit since he only did 400 the first time around.

  • Ani ledon

    It was all out of love dre!!!! 😉

  • I’m jumping on the Dre bandwagon today and giving him some props! Thank you Dre, for pushing us and being the cool cat that you are even though you’re a Belen boy! Ha! I also want to give you props for making 8850 NW 13 TR Unit # 106 Miami, FL 33172 your permanent home for the past few months! Should I start sending your mail there? lol Thanks again for the hard work and dedication. You da man!!!

  • James

    Dre went to Belen? sorry to hear that…

    always there for everyone for that extra push!
    was great training with you & NOW great training under you

  • Cristy G.


  • Hector

    First WOD Ever….My body is still shaking two hours later….80, 60, 42

  • Good shit, I have to agree with all the post Dre good shit in pushing us to the limit, we appreciate all the HOOrah that you do for us, Mike good shit in opening our eyes to this new found life of CROSSFIT! Todays workout was 98-89-71 all prescription. Nick good shit today! I love you all, oh new shirt idea.
    You start living after Crossfit!
    There is no wierners in the box!

  • Jessy C

    I loved the work out today!! I felt like such a bad ass cause to me i did GREAT! 111-115-85 🙂